23 May 2007

How do you like them peanuts?

If the medium is the message, then clearly BusinessWeek is declaring "come fly with me."
According to Advertising Age, the McGraw-Hill business title is partnering with Brand Connections to put ads and BW columns on airplane table trays. Now if only they could find a way to put some food on those trays.
I guess we can expect a magazine industry study that shows table trays will not replace print -- at least in the immediate future.

22 May 2007

Et tu, Pecker?

In his Ad Age "The Media Guy" column, the ever insightful Simon Dumenco uses the Ron Burkle purchase of the Primedia enthusiast group to make a point: What's wrong with magazines? Look at executives within the industry.

Or as he puts it "the print-media industry is not only filled with f--k-ups, it coddles them." He hopes that Burkle, a newcomer to publishing might come in with less baggage and more vision.

I suspect that we already have passed the rearranging-the-chairs stage. (It comes somewhere after grief and denial.) And we need to look beyond print.

18 May 2007

Newspapers Here to Stay?

A new report from the World Association of Newspapers sets "the record straight" on questions about the "relevance, vibrancy and future vitality of newspapers in this fast-growing digital age."

Glad that's settled.

Of course we'll always have newspapers. And we'll always dial our phones and type our copy.

01 May 2007

Backing Up Is Hard To Do?

Okay, I don’t back up my files nearly enough (if you consider never to be not nearly enough). Still, Business 2.0 has made it a point to remind the world that backing up is a wise policy. So,when the magazine’s system crashed in the midst of production, salvation came in the form of an unlikely ally — the lawyers. Here’s the story.